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Well, I was pondering whether I should offer a worldwide access to this platform through the use of the English language. To my dear friends abroad: Sorry – but as I am pretty sure that I will be living for at least a few more years in my beloved home-country I wanted to reach out not only to the young generation, from which everyone is able to at least understand bits of English. Furthermore, I was aiming at drawing the attention of all ages to my work and therefore, I created this website in German. However, you are still always welcome to check the pictures and in case there will be a tremendous amount of English speaking people, who would be interested in reading the posts – I might change my opinion and publish two versions of the posts.

Basically, I want to offer the opportunity to follow my process and development to those, who are not familiar with all of today’s social media. The ones, who still wander through the world without knowing why everyone is using those hashtags (#), because they only remember it as the sign that has been on their old telephones. The ones, who prepare their meals without positioning their food in order to make it look tasty for the “foodporn-picture” they are about to take. The ones, who still do not know their best angle for the perfect selfie. The ones, who don’t even know what a selfie is. The ones, who grew up without comparing each other considering the likes on a profile-picture or the number of friends in their friend-list.

I would be more than happy, if some of you would still come and check out the recent shoots or new pictures of places I have been to. Additionally, you are of course always welcome to leave comments and share your opinion with me. I am very excited to take the step into the “blogger-scene”, if that’s how you call it. Still, I will not judge anyone for not reading or following what I have to say or show – the only thing I ask for is kindness and understanding for the baby in the field, called Kimofthebongo.

I surely am experienced in shooting with people, picking locations, having a good time and making people laugh. Nevertheless, this is my personal start of presenting my work on an official homepage outside of social media – accessible for everyone (hi, mum). I am nervous and excited for what you have to say and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback. I am currently located in Trier as well as in Landau – Germany. So if anyone of you travelers is around, hit me up – even if it’s just for a coffee and a chat, I am always interested in some crazy life-stories and meeting extraordinary people.In the end, I again apologize for posting the next posts in German and hope you like the page and the pictures. With my photos I am aiming to uncover the imperfect perfection in everyday faces. What am I saying? There is nothing like an everyday face, as every wrinkle, every body and every soul is a beautiful & unique thing in itself. Therefore, I am happy to continue working with neither limits nor borders – everyone is welcome in-front of my lens and everyone will look magical, because you all are.

An alle die kein Englisch sprechen: Dieser Post ist nur dazu da, um Freunden und Bekannten aus dem Ausland zu erklären, wieso ich die Website nicht komplett auf Englisch anbiete – also keine Sorge, die folgenden Posts werden wieder auf Deutsch verfasst.

4 thoughts on “English, please!

  1. Well my dearest kim! Reading this post was quite of a blast. Thinking of you while I am sitting in front of the one pub Wivenhoe has. I love you and am very very proud of you and your incredible and honest work.

  2. I enjoy looking through all the German words, and recognising some along the way and learning them! I will write all my comments in English in German, so this person can see all comments, and anything is possible! Keep on doing amazing Kim work, I am so proud of you. Your over seas best friend x

    Ich genieße es, alle deutschen Wörter durchzusehen, einige zu erkennen und sie zu lernen! Ich werde alle meine Kommentare in Englisch in Deutsch schreiben, damit diese Person alle Kommentare sehen kann und alles möglich ist! Mach weiter so tolle Kim-Arbeit, ich bin so stolz auf dich. Dein bester Freund über Meeren x

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