Welcome to Milano

I’ve had a brilliant weekend in Milano in February. It’s obvious that I love to travel & I mean… who doesn’t?
I like that there are so many different ways of how to do it. I love those vacations, where you’re chilling at the beach, enjoying all kinds of food in your hotel and where you sleep in an exclusive hotelroom (all day if you like).
But I also adore those trips, where the focus is on the adventure, where you change locations, where you’re active and discover the areas surrounding you, where you rent scooters, go diving, go partying or do whatever you want. Those journeys, where you sleep in an ugly hostelroom, which you share with 10 other random people from all around the world and where the bathroom is 10km away from your room so you really need to plan what you’re taking with you, so you don’t have to go twice.
But besides the things you do/ eat/ see or the places you stay – the question isn’t about where, what or when… it’s about who you’re sharing your adventures with

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